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Airline Recovery

The physical recovery or pickup of freight at an airline cargo terminal.

Bonded Warehouse

Secured warehouse area in which imported dutiable merchandise may be stored.

TSA Image Screening

TSA approval for qualified shippers to be able to transport cargo.

Rollerbed Trailers

High-quality roller bed equipped trucks to ship cargo pallets safely.

Tarmac Crane Work

Crane placement of freight on the airport tarmac for shipping & handling.

Wide Load Transport

Safe transport of wide-load bulk cargo to the desired Northeast location.

Drop Deck Transport

Drop deck flatbed cargo shipping for tall multi-level freight transporting.

Low Boy Service

Lowboy transport of delicate machinery & oversized, non-standard freight.

Air-Ride Equipped

Air shock-equipped trailers for fragile cargo shipping for damage prevention.

Truck GPS Tracking

Complete truck tracking for cargo/freight location notifications at all times.

Reefer Service

Multi-Temperature trucks to transport perishables and pharmaceuticals.

Pick Up & Delivery

On-time pickup & delivery of all air freight, cargo, goods & services at all times.

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Trans Air International, Air Cargo Inc. is a top-rated freight shipping and airline recovery company servicing the Northeast area out of JFK International Airport in New York with on-time pickup and delivery for all customers. Their service includes temperature-controlled pharmaceutical transit for safe and secure arrival.

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